“The meal was great … we will definitely go back to try some of the other rolls like the Hawaiian Alaskan.”
–Gluten-Free Edmonton

“The service is good, the prices reasonable, the presentation is nice, and most importantly everything has tasted great so far. I like their ingredient combinations…I will be back and I will continue to bring friends.”

“This place has a large selection of cones, sushi, sashimi, platters, everything to do with fish and chopsticks. I’ve tried about 10 of their rolls, all of which were quite well prepared with some a lot better than others. I definitely recommend getting their specialty rolls such as the caterpillar, maki maki, eskimo, Mexican, the list goes on.”

“They are so consistent with their quality and presentation, that I always know what I am going to get. The Sashimi and Nigiri is always fresh and well cut… The rolls are always well made and they have a great variety which I suggest exploring since you may find some that you really like. I have a soft spot for their Mexican roll with the nicely smoked salmon and am always impressed with simple Tuna Nigiri.”

“Best sushi in Edmonton. Hands down.”
–Brendan Young

“The Japanese decor is very nice, with screens separating tables, and the waitresses dressed in kimonos. It was a pleasant surprise!”

“Pho and Sushi. Finally a place that does both right! I loved the pleasantly mild pho and that dancing dragon roll is a keeper! Definitely a place to return to, and great service too!”

“Maki Maki is almost always my pick when I get to choose where we’re going for dinner. It’s as good as sushi can be this far away from the coast. Friends I’ve gone with have tried the Pho and say it’s pretty good but I stick with the rolls and a few Nigiri thrown in as they are so good. Dragon Eyes are a must, along with the Maki Maki and the Spicy Tuna. I like this place best when your whole table orders tons of rolls so you can try lots of different ones. They have a huge selection of rolls so there really is something for everyone.”
–Ashleigh D.

“Tucked a block away from Whyte Ave, Maki Maki is a pleasant surprise. Great Japanese/Vietnamese food, with great service and a fantastic atmosphere. The pho was tasty and the sushi was quite good, and prices were reasonable. Try it and you’ll be back.”

“Super awesome, unique maki! The name says it all! If you like really interesting, creative sushi, check this place out. We especially love the caterpillar rolls, and the Oilers rolls!”

“…been looking for a nice sushi and noodle house for a while. The Vietnamese food was pretty good and the sushi was delicious, especially the Dragon rolls.”
–Robin Do

“Maki Maki has some of the freshest sushi I have ever had. Their sashimi (salmon) is something I regularly indulge in and I have never had a hint of it being too warm or fishy. I have also had a majority of their rolls which are very inventive. Some I love include the Volcano Roll, Dragon Roll (BBQ eel!!), Mango Tango (more BBQ eel!!), and rainbow roll with crab instead of shrimp tempura.”
–Jessica L.

“As far as value for dollars go, Maki Maki I think leaves every stomach stuffed without emptying the wallet.”
–Michael J.

“All in all I think that the portion sizes are what sets Maki apart. Expect an entire salmon on your plate when you order sashimi, and the large bowl of miso rivals the tiny cup that miso is served in other sushi joints.”
–Volya B.

“I’m always interested in going to new restaurants, and sushi is one of my favorite foods to eat so whenever I get a chance to, I get really excited! Last night I went to Maki Maki with a friend. It was a really nice restaurant. The menu was huge, there was so much to choose from. The thing I liked most was that I could order both Japanese food and Vietnamese food at the same time. They also had so many more choices of maki rolls to chose from. More than most other Japanese restaurants (some of which had local names like the Oilers Roll and the Eskimo Roll) which I thought was cool. The service was awesome, our waitress kept having to come back and try to take our order a few times since we couldn’t decide what we wanted. After our meal was done they split the bill for us so we knew exactly how much we needed to pay. We also stayed afterwards just chatting and didn’t feel pressured to leave.”
–Kathy H.

“After driving past this place all the time, I finally stopped in for the sushi dinner I had been craving lately. What a good decision! The rolls I ordered here mostly came with bits of tempura in them, which gave the maki a crunchy texture I wasn’t used to, but liked a lot! The staff were friendly and I loved their kimonos! The authentic style of dress, plus all of the creative Japanese-style decorations really added to the atmosphere of the restaurant. My favourite thing was the tempura sauce. It was sweeter than most other tempura sauces I’ve tried, and it was amazing! I would go back just for that!”
–Brittany K.

“This restaurant is fantastic. I’ve been here many times with no problems at all. I highly recommend the miso soup and the dragon eyes roll.”
–Brent H.

“The food is made in front of your eyes. Fresh and good. Staff is wonderful, even on an über busy night.”
–Shawnna B.

“The service we received and quality of rolls on the evening we visited were exceptional.
We had salmon and tuna sashimi, and were surprised by the generous portions.
We tried spicy scallop rolls for the first time, and enjoyed the change from our regular go-to spicy tuna roll. The dynamite and aloha told melted in our mouths this evening.”

–Elizabeth B.