The Best Edmonton Sushi: What Sets it Apart?

Sushi, as we know it today, first appeared in Japan during the early 1800s as food cart vendors looked for a simple and delicious meal that they could offer to busy city dwellers near the seafood-rich treasure trove of Tokyo Bay. As Japan’s Edo period progressed, sushi flourished in popularity, and the creation of beautiful sushi rose to high form of culinary art. In our modern world, sushi has become an international delicacy, and the greatest sushi chefs in the world have been educated in a climate of carefully cherished traditions.

Because of the dedication and passion of generations of chefs, both within and outside of Japan, sophisticated diners everywhere from India to Alaska can enjoy sushi prepared in the finest traditional style. Canada is no exception. The very best Edmonton sushi is created and served proudly at Maki Edmonton to a discriminating audience of sushi lovers from all over the province. But what sets Maki Edmonton apart? What does it take to become the best Edmonton sushi restaurant?

The Best Edmonton Sushi

 1.  Freshness. Our sushi ingredients are the freshest and purest you’ll find anywhere. Most of our seafood dishes were swimming in the salty ocean hours before we serve them, and our vegetables are crisp, vivid, and bursting with flavor.

2.  Artistry. Our chefs have unparalleled skill with presentation, and our beautiful traditional dishes speak for themselves. Plan your next client meeting or corporate event with us and make a distinguished impression.

 3.  Uncompromising attention to perfection. We don’t offer the best Edmonton sushi experience by cutting corners. Every one of our visitors is a cherished guest, and the respect and distinction we show our guests is the same respect and distinction we show to every beautiful dish we serve. Visit our website and reserve a table for your next important event.


  1. 11-29-2013

    Best sushi? Really?

    • 11-30-2013

      Yes, we were voted Best Sushi and Pho In Edmonton at the 2013 Golden Fork Awards!

  2. 1-3-2015

    Are those white meat considered organic superfoods?

    • 1-3-2015

      Yes they probably are!

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